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regal_phoenix's Journal

Suzaku Saint Beast
6 March
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What can I say about myself that you truly deserve to know? Are you even worthy to be here, reading over this page? No matter, I will weed out the unworthy eventually. Well, first off my name is Suzaku, and I was the Leader of the Four Saint Beasts. For centuries we lived in our own Town, our own castle, but we craved more. Power, excitement, a chance at the outside world. We had enacted a plan to force KoEnma's hand, ingeniously using my Makai Flue and a Swarm of Insects that would deteriorate the Humans into nothing but mere Zombies driven by rage.

It was a brilliant plan, and Koenma, at the time was sufficiently frightened for his precious humans. However, much to my despair, my ploy to annihilate the human race was ended by KoEnma's disgusting little lapdogs, the Reikai Tantei; and we four fell, one by one...

But unlike Genbu, Seiryu, and Byakko, I am a creature of legend! A child of fire and lightning, and like my namesake bird, I have risen from the ashes with a vengeance!

I despise that pesky brat, Yusuke Urameshi. But I conceed that he is quite the fighter and more than I dared first anticipate. I won't make that same mistake again....

Whether or not I will succeed in slaying humans is moot at the moment. But my home, my Beloved Maze Castle has been rebuilt by the mindless minions of the Town below it, and once more I reside there, planning, and watching.

Murugu recently sent word however that the Ningenkai was housing an extraordinary amount of Youkai, and so I have followed my parakeet into this new world, to perhaps find new allies...

I'm not ready to favor the human race, and I never will be; what reason do I have to actually like an inferior, vacuous species with little or no intelligence at all? They are all but transparent with their feelings, too intent on achieving the impossible and constantly fighting over what is not theirs. They are already putting themselves through a hell in which only a miracle can banish the burning scars. I have always dreamed to put them out of their pathetic misery, but this unbelievable race may destroy themselves before I can lay a hand on them. The desire to harm may have to be treated in a different manner...

This is the lovely story of me, the leader of Saint Beasts. There is not much to say about my existence, my melancholy past...the moment I say I was consumed by the darkness, the rest can be told from someone elses point of view, even a human. What felicitous things can be said about me, when I have never experienced true happiness myself? Only that beautiful lament, music to those who thirst for death, can soothe the anger within me...

I have returned with a vengeance...

((Paragraphs 7 and 8 selected from Yasashisa Ryuu ))